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Our farm is a second-generation organic farm that was our parents, Mark & Renée Elliott’s dream to offer the best and healthiest range of organic foods available, promote health in the community and bring a sense of discovery and adventure into food shopping. Visit our site for a complete list of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables we are offering.

Our mission is to transform agriculture in America by connecting local farms and communities in a method that is environmentally and economically sustainable.

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[insight_our_services icon_organik=”organik-carrot” title=”Healthy Diet.” link=”#”]Get produce delivered home on a set frequency is essential to obtaining the recommended daily fruits and vegetables.[/insight_our_services]
[insight_our_services icon_organik=”organik-lettuce” title=”Pesticide Free. ” link=”#”]We deliver organic produce that is pesticide-free and sustainably-grown, ensuring that we maintain healthy communities.[/insight_our_services]
[insight_our_services icon_organik=”organik-broccoli” title=”Flexibility. ” link=”#”]Choose the delivery frequency that best fits your needs: weekly, every other week, every 3rd or every 4th week delivery.[/insight_our_services]
[insight_our_services icon_organik=”organik-lemon” title=”Convenience. ” link=”#”]No more driving and parking for your vegetables! We deliver directly to your doorstep. Save time going to the grocery store.[/insight_our_services]